Hey, thanks for considering Gifycam for Slack. Gifycam turns selfies into animated emojis. It’s a great way of getting your team laughing.

Show your team that you're actually laughing out loud, dancing like a dummy or making squishy faces with your dog. Then bind your gifs to commands in Slack and use them like they're emoji.

Gifycam is designed by Liam Sarsfield and developed by Jody Heavener. It’s sponsored by Extra Automation, which is Liam’s startup.

Add to Slack

🛠 How it works

Create a gif by visiting gifycam.com.

Add your gif to Slack by typing:
/gifycam add [name of gif] [gifycam.com gif url]

Post your gif to a channel by typing:
/gifycam [name of gif]

Remove a gif by typing:
/gifycam remove [name of gif]

List all gifs by typing:
/gifycam list

List all Gifycam commands by typing:
/gifycam help